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To Our Sanctuary for Wandering Fools

To join us in shamanic prayer assistance over non-ordinary reality visit our Sanctuary 2.

Post your prayer-requests in our Prayer Shout-Out or our online shrine or send us prayer intentions!


We like to visit these sanctuaries on the web:
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We shamanic journey the Tarot of LIFE and recommend divination and questing favorites for shamanic adventuring the internet, the universe, and everywhere.

Here is even more to pray, meditate, dream, or journey on:

...and More!

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More Perspectives On Prayer and Meditation

Centering Prayer Index

Circle of Prayer

Bishop Theophan The Recluse - On Prayer

The Prayer Rope

Religious Science International

The Aloha Spirit - Hawaiian Art of Blessing Library

Pronoia is the Antidote for Paranoia

moon phase

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A brand new collection of FREE e-Sources which explore many ancient 'alternative' and complementary disciplines and practices that are still relevant and working today. Full of useful information, interviews and links. Regularly updated to include news of new workshops, publications and retreats.

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